Empowering expert engineers.

We’re a unique business, employing only exceptional individuals, who work closely together to build innovative software.

Our goal to ’empower engineers’ is just as important to us internally as it is externally.

Internally, we give our technical team the tools and information to design and engineer solutions that are revolutionising an industry. Externally, our solutions do not replace designers and engineers, but enable them to be more adaptable, efficient, and focus on the critical – not the simple.

Passenger train on railway tracks at sunrise, powered by OLE

Our Vision.

It is our belief people and businesses shouldn’t be measured by the profits they earn. We all have a responsibility to contribute to a more sustainable future.

We have an affection for the rail industry. Electrified rail infrastructure in particular is the most cost-effective and environmentally sustainable form of transport on the planet. It is heavily in need of investment and a little TLC.

Trusted by the industry.

Lineardraft OLE design software is fast becoming the industry standard for designing electrified rail worldwide.

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How Zebraware came to be.

How Zebraware came to be.

Zebraware was founded by Jon and Pete in 2017. Having worked in the rail industry for years, they realised there was a better and more efficient way to design electrified rail systems and created a piece of software that became Lineardraft.

Zebraware has since grown around Jon and Pete’s singular vision – to revolutionise the rail industry by building and implementing software that empowers expert engineers to design, commission, and maintain a sustainable transport network for the future.

It’s important to note that we’re an independent company – we have no industry backers or investors, which means we have no ties to any specific CAD platforms or OLE/OCS design ranges. That means any rail project, regardless of your CAD standard or design range, could potentially utilise Lineardraft.

Pete Evans, Head of Software, having a meeting with his laptop in front of him. White geometric stripes Blue triangle

Zebraware was founded

SNCF became a Zebraware customer,
working on HS2 - the biggest railway project in the UK

Zebraware relocated to our current offices in Birchwood Park, Warrington

Systra became the first UK based users of Lineardraft

Reached 50 Lineardraft users

Lineardraft begins to be used on the Transpennine Route Upgrade (TRU)

Lineardraft crosses continents and work with Alpha Rail - New Zealand begins

Team tripled in size and expanded Design Catalogue capacity

Major software improvements introduced, including the introduction of Lineardraft Desktop

Reached 100 Lineardraft users!

Lineardraft is first used in Australia

Lineardraft becomes available for use within AutoCAD and Civil 3D

Usage across Australia expands with WSP- Australia acquiring Lineardraft

SME Enterprise award winners for Most Empowering Engineering Experts - North West

175 Lineardraft users worldwide!

What our team loves about Zebraware.

I first started as a customer service agent and because of the help and support from my colleagues, I was able to promote to an Engineering Technician! The work environment, the support from my team and the opportunities for me to learn and grow are a few reasons why I look forward to coming to work every day! I am proud to be working at a company that values its employees and encourages you to set high expectations and goals for yourself, pushing you into the unknown
so you can open your mind to new things.

Danielle, Engineering Technician

Danielle Henshall team member black and white image

Danielle, Engineering Technician

I’m proud to work at Zebraware, both for the work that we do, and the values that we hold. Every day at work is exciting and an opportunity to learn, and I love being a part of the culture that we’re growing.

James, Senior Solutions Engineer

James Ramsbottom team member black and white image

James, Senior Solutions Engineer

Having been a part of the Zebraware team from pretty much day 1, it gives me an enormous sense of satisfaction to see the company as it is today. We believe in our products, and we believe in our vision, but most importantly – we believe in our people.

I’m proud to be part of an organisation that values hard work and recognises potential. High standards are always expected, but this is ensures that the products we provide to our customers are of the highest quality.

We’re a diverse team, with a wide range of skills, and we pride ourselves on solving problems with assured software solutions that align with our view of creating a sustainable transport network.

Matt, Commercial Director

Matt Gilluley team member black and white image

Matt, Commercial Director

Let’s work together.

We’re always looking for like-minded businesses to partner with;
people with a passion for problems.

We’re always eager to meet those that share our vision for a more socially and environmentally focused world.